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Alcohol Withdrawal – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Going through alcohol withdrawal can be difficult and painful to endure when performed at home or outside of an alcohol rehab center. In fact, many people who try withdrawing from alcohol on their own without professional help often end up relapsing…
Dana Point Rehab Campus - Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Finding the Best Treatment Programs for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Recovering from addiction requires great bravery and is the best thing you can do to become healthier and separate yourself from the vicious cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. If your goal is to achieve long-term sobriety from addiction, it’s…
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The Importance of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Nutrition plays an important role in recovery from substance abuse and mental illness. A diet comprised of healthy foods can help repair your body after being dependent on drugs and alcohol, and ward off symptoms such as depression, anxiety,…
Joint Commission Accredited Facility in California

Dana Point Rehab Campus Is Accredited by the Joint Commission

In the United States, more than 14,500 addiction treatment centers provide detox, behavioral therapy, and many other drug rehab services to people with substance use disorders, as reported by the NIDA. However, only 1,900 of these drug rehab…
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The Benefits of Science-Based Addiction Treatment

Anyone who has struggled with addiction knows how difficult it can be to go through withdrawal, become sober, and maintain long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol without relapsing. Addiction recovery is often a lifelong journey, which is…
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Is Dabbing Dangerous? Learn the Dab Drug Side Effects

Dab Drug Side Effects and Why It Can Be Dangerous Among the dab drug side effects that are still being discovered include psychosis, anxiety, severe hallucinations, and high levels of paranoia due to the concentrated amounts of THC entering…
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Most Deadly Drug Combinations

Deadly Drug Combinations to Avoid at All Cost Deadly drug combinations are substances that when mixed, can produce fatal results. Often as a result of effecting the same systems in the body, certain combinations of substances such as opioids…
Angel Dust Side Effects

What Are the Angel Dust Side Effects?

The Dangerous Angel Dust Side Effects Angel dust, or PCP, is a physically addictive drug. Along with strong cravings, compulsive behavior, and drug dependence, there are severe angel dust side effects to be aware of. High doses can lead…
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How to Spot the Warning Signs of Crack Cocaine Use

Learn the Danger Signs of Crack Cocaine Use Crack cocaine is a harmful and addictive drug. When there is crack cocaine use, it's only a matter of time before the use of the drug becomes apparent. From showing signs of withdrawal such as…
addiction treatment plan

Why Dual Diagnosis Matters When Creating an Addiction Treatment Plan

Dual Diagnosis and Its Importance in an Addiction Treatment Plan. There are several factors that can cause an addiction. One of them is when the addict is affected by another mental disorder, known as dual diagnosis. The interaction between…