Faith-Based and Christian Rehab in Orange County

Spiritual Recovery for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

If traditional methods of drug and alcohol rehabilitation are not helping you escape the grips of addiction, then it may be time to consider how a faith-based, nondenominational Christian approach to rehab treatment could help. By weaving religion and spirituality into your recovery program, you can uncover your core, discover where the root of your addiction lies, and feel connected again with God. Through faith, strength.

Dana Point Rehab Campus in Orange County offers our nondenominational Christ-centered drug and alcohol treatment center’s services to people who are looking to achieve sobriety by building a stronger groundwork of religious teachings and beliefs. Faith-based addiction treatment is a tried-and-true method of recovery for millions of people across the years. In fact, Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) uses religion and faith as its foundation, referencing to a “Higher Power” throughout its programs and principles. However, we know no two people and their struggles are ever the same, and so we always personalized our recovery programs for each individual who comes to our door.

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Discover the difference our faith and science-based therapies make in your journey to lifelong recovery with an experienced on-site clinical team that provides unique customized treatment programs for all types of drug and alcohol addictions around the clock.

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Introspection, Patience & Reflection Help Fight Off Addiction

Faith-based addiction treatments focus on self-improvement through connecting with religion. Here at Dana Point Rehab Campus in Southern California, we focus on the teachings and words of Christianity in particular. There is much to learn from the Holy Word that applies to all aspects of your life, including, of course, how to overcome the devil of addiction. Just as Jesus welcomed all into His life and to listen to His words, we stand with open arms for people of all faiths who want to try faith-based addiction treatment.

In addition to integrating Christianity into our faith-based addiction treatment programs, we hope to help you find faith in yourself. Through methods and practices that bring your attention to yourself, not the outside world or the addiction itself, you can learn to trust yourself, take better care of yourself, and generally be happier with yourself. God and Christ love you, and so you must learn to love yourself to defeat addiction.

Your medical needs will also be a center point of faith-based addiction treatment, as it is with any addiction treatment or therapy program. Our facility and traditional methods care for you physically and reestablishing or discovering a connection with God care for you spiritually and emotionally.

During faith-based addiction treatment, you may find benefit in:

  • Meditation: A key to using faith to combat addictive tendencies is meditation, which is a self-help practice found in nearly all religions across the world. Use meditation to find your center, calm yourself, and reinforce that your decision to get help was correct. For some, prayer acts as a form of mediation, too.
  • Appreciation: Religion teaches us to be thankful for what we have and what we have not. In faith-based addiction treatment, you can find confidence in gaining a greater appreciation for the good in your life that outshines the shadows of drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Engagement: A common thread in Christianity is doing for others in need. This underlying idea of charity and community engagement may be a useful part of your faith-based recovery program. Speak with our team about how self-aftercare can be improved if it is centered on helping others.
  • One-on-One Pastoral Care: Each week, you will get the opportunity to meet privately with Pastor Pete Cropsey, Head Pastor of First Love Church and published author. Pastor Pete is a product of the ministry of Pastor Chuck Smith, who started the Calvary Chapel movement better known as the “Jesus Movement.” Pastor Pete graduated from the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry in 2001 and has served the Lord before and since. He has a saying, “As long as there is breath, there is hope and with God all things are possible.” He will guide you and mentor you to help restore, improve, and deepen your relationship with Christ.
  • Weekly Church Service and Bible Studies: Sunday service and weekly bible studies are provided for those that participate in our faith-based treatment tract. You will spend time in prayer, praise, worship, and learning through biblical teaching.

Fitting In with a Healthier Lifestyle

For many people who struggle with addiction, one of the worst roots of the disease begins with a feeling of not “fitting in” or being “left out.” The feeling of isolation can push you into unhealthy habits or crowds. Our nondenominational Christian faith-based recovery program can help alleviate the sense of isolation by allowing you to find commonality with others – not just devote Christians – who are also living with addiction. Together, you can form a new community and stand together, “fitting in” with a much healthier lifestyle and under the shelter God and Christ have provided.

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