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Quitting drugs and alcohol abruptly can cause severe withdrawal symptoms that may be deadly for some. Heavy drinkers who suffer from alcohol use disorder face the risk of a severe form of withdrawal called delirium tremens, which can cause seizures, hallucinations, and even death. But many of today’s drug and alcohol detox treatments involve the use of medications that can treat specific symptoms or eliminate symptoms completely.

Our campus is fully staffed with licensed, experienced addiction specialists. Personalized monitoring and management of withdrawal symptoms are provided around-the-clock. Every detox program is uniquely designed to provide the highest level of treatment for total wellness and recovery.

Dana Point Rehab Campus is proud to offer you or your loved one the following services:

  • Supervised detox and management of withdrawal symptoms
  • On-site clinical team 24/7
  • Car service to and from the airport
  • Upscale, well-appointed, comfortable accommodations
  • Initial comprehensive clinical evaluation
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Family support and communication
  • Delicious chef-inspired meals and snacks
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Most Insurance Plans Accepted

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Comfortable Accommodations and Premium Treatment

Spacious rooms with views, carefully chose meal and preparation included, gym, beach and many more accommodations.

The Detox Difference

Detoxification is just the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug use and abuse issues. Although detox alone is never enough to help addicts achieve long-term abstinence, for most individuals it is the first step and the initial shock to their system they need to kick-start their addiction recovery process.

Detoxification, or “detox,” safely manage the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug use. Most chronic alcoholics and drug addicts require a-monitored detox to help their bodies cope with the changes in their body’s chemistry. The substances have been poisoning their system for a long time. If they’re going to get well, their body has to go through a period of major physical adjustment so that the poisons can work its way out of their system.

Withdrawal Symptoms Managed, Alleviated

For long-term users, they are probably familiar with the terrible feelings of alcohol or drug addiction withdrawal that occur when they weren’t able to use for whatever reason. It’s common to experience uncontrollable vomiting, involuntary shaking, convulsing and “flu-like” sweating. In many cases, the person’s body can’t keep foods down, their mind can’t concentrate, and sleep is nonexistent.

These extreme withdrawal symptoms are why many people dread entering a detox program. It’s a terrible experience to live through. Our cutting-edge rehab facility in Southern California offers supervised detoxification treatments which can alleviate much of the most severe withdrawal symptoms. Every detox patient is under the professional care and supervision through their initial detoxification process and all throughout their recovery treatment program.

What Makes Dana Point Detox Programs Different?

We carefully consider the needs of each person individually and holistically. Our goal isn’t just to get them clean and send them on their way to face the world on their own again. Instead, we look to complete the healing, restoration and recovery process of every person who walks through our doors. Care doesn’t end with detox. We provide a personalized treatment plan for long-term drug and alcohol rehab, as well as help residents transition into the next phase of recovery.

Our specially trained nurses will take the time to review history carefully, check vitals, examine your current condition for signs of withdrawal, and more. Our professionals will create a personalized detox program. Each program is continuously updated as patients progress through their detoxification, all the while ensuring both comfort and safety.

Our team regularly checks vitals and neurological status and carefully watches for the presence of potentially life-threatening symptoms like delirium, seizures and high blood pressure. The detox process can last up to three weeks, depending on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms of each.

It’s what you do after detox that determines the extent of your sobriety. Every Dana Point Rehab Campus detox treatment program includes a thoughtfully-executed transition into a continuum of care, such as residential treatment. Once you’ve completed your detoxification program, you’ll be prepared to continue your recovery journey.

Our Quick, Confidential Admissions Process

Dana Point Rehab Campus offers a free consultation, as well as a quick, confidential admission. Our knowledgeable admin advisors are available to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you’re calling for yourself or a loved one, we can provide more information about our programs, conduct an initial screening, quickly verify insurance coverage and schedule a convenient admission day and time.


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