Mission & Approach

Our mission is to provide the highest level of personalized care and treatment to every person in Orange County who calls and every patient who comes to us for help. While working with patients, our dedicated team of professionals demonstrates respect and compassion in a direct, honest manner. When it comes to detox and rehab, there is no beating around the bush. We get right to the point, develop a plan based on your needs and start you on your road to recovery right away.

An Innovative Treatment Methodology

Our approach to the treatment of addiction employs a variety of modalities that are tailored to each individual. These programs are designed to identify triggers and develop coping skills to prevent relapse. It is through the customization of our treatment programs that we are indeed able to create a personalized treatment plan to help our patients recover one step at a time.

We combine the typical treatment model with a comprehensive, multidimensional approach that creates a more well-rounded and personalized experience. This methodology includes:

Traditional Rehab Care:

    • 24/7 monitored detox
    • Individual therapy sessions
    • Workshops focused on resiliency, codependency, relationships, and spirituality
    • Individualized discharge and relapse prevention planning

Comprehensive & Multidimensional Rehab:

    • Evidence-based treatments integrated with holistic care
    • High staff-to-client ratios so that patients can receive more personalized attention
    • Comprehensive psychological, vocational, and cognitive assessments

You Should Not Be Alone In This Battle

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Reimagining Addiction Treatment

In order to change a person’s relationship with an addictive substance, we have to help them change their internal narrative. It can be easy to get caught up in a battle with your thoughts, thinking that you must fight addiction as a concept. This can be emotionally exhausting and lead to frustrations that make the temptation to use again all the more powerful. Our approach to addiction rehabilitation focuses on helping patients see themselves as more complete individuals capable of making positive choices.

In our plan, we continuously challenge traditional believes through evidence-based treatments:


    • Physical exam
    • Initial psychiatric exam
    • Psychosocial evaluation
    • Lab tests
    • Nutritional evaluation

Development of Customized Treatment Plan

    • Medical follow-ups
    • Psychiatric follow-ups
    • Familly sessions and engagement
    • Ongoing one-on-one psychotherapy sessions
    • Meal plans
    • Medication supplements to combat vitamin deficiencies
    • Group therapy sessions led by Masters-level and PhD-level clinicians
    • Discharge planning designed for sustained sobriety and life optimization

Development of Customized Discharge Plan

    • Reference and initial phone consult with a local therapist who can continue treatment after rehab
    • Reference and phone consult with a local psychiatrist who can continue to assist after rehab
    • Creating a family support plan
    • Creating a custom Life Plan to set goals for professional, financial, spiritual, and educational wellness
    • Quarterly recovery Wellness events are booked to help reengage clients and family support members