Case Management & Discharge Planning

Preparing for Life After Addiction Treatment in Southern California

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be a long process. Inpatient treatment can last for weeks or months before a patient is ready to move on to the next phase in their recovery. With such an intensive program, it is important to have one point of contact who will be in charge of organizing your care and preparing you for eventual discharge. At Dana Point Rehab Campus, this is your case manager.

You may be involved in many programs during your rehabilitation, from cognitive behavioral therapy to family counseling. Your case manager will discuss these programs with you on a high-end level, helping you organize your schedule, choose programs can benefit you, and hear out your current thoughts on treatments you are involved in.

A case manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in the admissions process
  • Planning treatments and programs for individual patients
  • Referring patients to outside services when they’re ready for discharge
  • Planning a patient’s discharge
  • Serving as a patient’s main point of contact during rehabilitation

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Preparing for Discharge

Ending your time as a resident at an inpatient addiction treatment center is both an exciting and frightful time. By this time, you should have the tools and resources you need to maintain sobriety without constant supervision, but you will also leave a safe environment that isfree from temptation.

You and your case manager will begin planning your discharge plan and aftercare during your inpatient treatment. Our case managers are familiar with local programs and services that can continue to support you after you complete the inpatient phase of your treatment. Additionally, your case manager can help you explore options for employment and housing. You have a brand new start in life when you commit to recovery. At Dana Point Rehab Campus, our job is to help you take the first steps forward.

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