how to get crack out of your system- man on mattress with needle in his hand in fetal position

How to Get Crack Out of Your System

Crack can have devastating effects on a user's short term and long-term health. There are two ways on how to get crack out of your system: the first is to stop cold turkey and deal with the full brunt of the withdrawal symptoms, and the other…
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What Percentage of Addicts Stay Clean?

Unfortunately, not even the best treatment programs can prevent addicts from relapsing. Medically, addiction is known to be a "chronic, relapsing disease" according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). What this definition means…
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The Dangerous List of Opioids Strongest to Weakest

Learn About The Villains of the Opioid Crisis When opioid pain relievers were first marketed, they were sold as a safe and powerful pain reliever. Today, it's understood that opioid pain relievers are dangerous drugs that can lead to addiction…
allergic reaction to meth

How to Deal with an Allergic Reaction to Meth

Having an unexpected allergic reaction to meth is not unusual. Methamphetamine, a potent stimulant, has many negative side effects. The more someone uses the drug, the more likely they are to experience these side effects and become addicted…
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In California, Fentanyl Overdose Deaths Are Up 614% in Just 4 Years

While the national opioid crisis makes headlines daily, another alarming problem has grabbed the state of California by storm: fentanyl. Dana Point Rehab Campus was featured on CBS-LA to discuss the nation’s alarming new drug problem, which…
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“Mexican Oxy” Crosses the Border and Causes Fatal Overdoses

No one would expect to lose their loved one to a drug overdose, but many families have been devastated by fatal overdoses on what is being called “Mexican oxy.” These blue pills are stamped with an “M” on one side and a “30” on another,…
Woman holding bottle of alcohol with little boy sitting on the couch in the background

What Are the Secondhand Harms Caused by Alcohol?

The secondhand harms heavy drinkers cause to others been recently recognized as a significant public health issue, according to a new study funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. While secondhand smoking has been…
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New Study Illuminates Big Pharma’s Role in Perpetuating the Opioid Crisis

For the first time, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has a database tracking the path of all pills sold, nationwide, between manufacturers and distributors to pharmacies. According to data The Washington Post, between 2006 and 2012,…
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U.S. Drug & Alcohol Deaths Skyrocket to Crisis Levels

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The rate of deaths related to alcohol or drug overdose and suicide have reached catastrophic heights as disclosed in a study released by the Commonwealth Fund. The exhaustive report comprehensively surveyed all 50 states and Washington, D.C.,…
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7 Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

Over 15 million American adults suffer from alcohol abuse disorder at any given time. People who become dependent on alcohol will adapt to the presence of it in their systems and require it everyday for functioning. Abrupt discontinuation…