Rehab in Orange County

Rehab in Orange County

Let's face it; not everyone who needs treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County will get the help they need. Of those who are courageous enough to seek treatment, only a very small fraction of them will actually stay clean for any significant time after finishing rehab, which is most unfortunate because people who seek help obviously want to make a change. Yet, the system is failing them. Why so?

Well, there are several reasons for this, a few of which we will consider now. Most prominently, as you will soon see, Orange County drug and alcohol rehabs are failing our community in bulk. Most rehabs in Orange County are businesses before they are rehabs, although they never will tell you that. They exist solely to make a profit. They stuff their patients like sardines into their dormitory-style rehab facilities and use a one-size-fits-all method of treatment.

How to Choose a Rehab in Orange County?

Many, if not most of the rehabs in Orange County, use outdated and ineffective addiction treatment models in their programs. If you look at the statistics in Orange County, the state of California, and throughout the United States; the numbers are dismal! Roughly 78% of all rehab patients will relapse within a year after leaving rehab. Of that 78%, a whopping 66% will relapse within the first 90 days after leaving rehab. The drug rehabs of Orange County and the United States are failing. How is this our rehabs' faults?

To be clear, it's not 100% the fault of the rehab each time a patient relapses. However, there are some things that rehabs can do to optimize the chances of their patients getting clean and staying clean. To start; why not do a better job of vetting your patients? Perhaps this ties into the fact that many rehabs operate as businesses and mind their bottom lines over the well-being of their patients.

For this reason, Dana Point Rehab Campus is very honest about who we are and the kinds of patients we typically treat. While no rehab wants to tell people who need help "no," we do want to admit people who we think we will be a good match for our program. What kind of people are we talking about?

What's the Best Private Rehab in Orange County?

Individuals who wish to get treatment for alcohol and or drug addiction at Dana Point need to be serious about their recovery. Because Dana Point is a private rehab, we don't admit boatloads of patients at once. Rather, we prefer to use our resources to provide the best treatment possible for individuals who seek care at our facility. This means admitting patients who are serious about their recovery and want to recover in a private institution.

Our patients are individuals who tend to recover better in a quiet and peaceful facility with luxurious amenities. We are an outside-the-box, upscale rehab in Orange County. Contact Dana Point Recovery Campus to learn more.

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Rehab in Orange County
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Rehab in Orange County

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