Rehab Drug Orange County

Rehab Drug Orange County

Even though Dana Point Rehab Campus specializes in private, upscale addiction treatment, we are recognized widely for having the best drug recovery program in California. We use a combination of modern and conventional addiction treatment services along with customized treatment plans, which makes us a cutting-edge rehab for drugs in Orange County.

Do Recovery Right at Dana Point

Our drug and alcohol program features all of the amenities of a beautiful, safe, and clean mansion nestled on a hillside. We offer customizable addiction treatment therapies because no two people recover in the same way. Here, you will enjoy fun and healthy daily recovery-related activities, including biking and hiking. Here, you can do recovery right!

How Do I Choose the Right Rehab?

To choose the right rehab, you must establish what the right rehab is to you. One of the first things to find out about any given rehab is if they are accredited or not. Several accreditation bodies in the United States are responsible for accrediting addiction treatment facilities. What does it mean if a rehab is accredited? In a word; it's "legit." It means that the facility and its staff are officially recognized and authorized to treat addiction properly and effectively. Dana Point Rehab Campus is a nationally accredited rehab providing top-notch addiction treatment for all of our clients.

What Kind of Approach to Addiction Treatment Do You Like?

If you prefer a cut and paste, 12 Step approach to addiction treatment, there might be better options for you than Dana Point. As mentioned, we take a unique approach to addiction treatment. Rather than a standard program that is applied to each client, we develop a program based on the needs, background, personality, and other factors relating to each client we treat.

What Kind of Setting is Best for You to Begin Your Recovery?

Perhaps you don't mind an institutional recovery environment. Most of our clients earn in the upper or upper-middle class and appreciate a setting that makes them feel more at home rather than a patient in an institution. Of course, we run a serious addiction treatment program here, and it is not to be confused with a vacation. Rather than be jammed in with a bunch of strangers like sardines, Dana Point Rehab Campus gives clients a private, spacious, and luxurious setting to begin healing and to start their journey of recovery. The difference is in taste.

Rehab Run by Addicts or Professionals?

A lot of people say that they want a rehab that is run by recovering addicts so the staff can relate to them better. While the rationale for this line of thought is understandable, research does not make a connection between recovering staff members and higher sobriety success rates among clients. While some of our staff members may have overcome addiction, many of them were never addicted. But what they do have is the knowledge, education, credentials, and experience in helping people recover. If you are looking for a quality, professional, private, upscale, and outside of the box rehab for drugs in Orange County, give Dana Point Rehab Campus a call.

Rehab Drug Orange County
Dana Point Rehab Campus - Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Orange County
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Rehab Drug Orange County
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Rehab Drug Orange County

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