California Drug Rehab Centers

At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we have one of the most welcoming and advanced California drug rehab centers you can find. We deal with all levels of substance addiction, and we offer comprehensive rehab services for sustained recovery. If you need treatment for drug addiction today, here is why we are the best in the business:

1. Comprehensive rehabilitation

Our California drug rehab program doesn’t address the symptoms of addiction, but its causes. To achieve the best results and allow you to recover fast, we have designed a complex recovery protocol that includes:

  • Clinical intake and assessment to serve as a foundation for customized recovery
  • Targeted medical detox for withdrawal management and short-term relapse prevention
  • Advanced psychotherapies
  • Family support, promoting a safer and more supportive home environment
  • Complete addiction services (alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs), etc.

2. An environment fitting for recovery

At our facility, we offer a non-judgmental environment and a friendly community to promote confidence, positivity, and support. Nobody will shame you, point fingers, or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. This is such a critical aspect of healthy recovery, yet one of the most overseen by most rehab facilities.

We also provide recreational activities and faith-based treatment for spiritual enlightenment. They represent the core philosophy, which revolves around help people defeat their demons and pursue a better path in life.

3. Dual-diagnosis medical assistance

Co-occurring disorders are common among victims of substance addiction. In some situations, these conditions trigger addictive behaviors as coping mechanisms. In others, they are the result of prolonged addiction. In both cases, they are difficult to diagnose; many of their symptoms are similar to those of addiction. At our drug rehabilitation center in California, we offer extensive dual-diagnosis treatment to control the co-occurring disorders and set the stage for complete recovery.

4. Aftercare support

Our CA drug rehab treatment includes aftercare support as a critical component in the rehab protocol. With our experts' help, you will:

  • Overcome withdrawal and regain your psychological composure
  • Better control your cravings and impulses
  • Become more confident in yourself
  • Grow more optimistic and determined to succeed
  • Understand how to avoid social and familial triggers
  • Learn how to deal with relapse and avoid the pitfalls of the past
  • Grow as a better, more responsible person with better life values and goals, etc.

The purpose of our treatment for addiction in California is to offer you the keys to a lifetime of sobriety, happiness, and fulfillment. To achieve that, we have built our aftercare program to give you the tools and the knowledge you need to succeed.

5. Empowering personal transformation

We believe that the most effective drug rehabilitation treatment should be a transformative journey. At our California drug rehab centers, we strive to offer you the support you need to turn your life around. With us guiding you, addiction will become a thing of the past fast.

Here, at Dana Point Rehab Campus, we are always available for contact and support. Call us at 949-239-7557 and learn more about our treatment center, programs, and insurance coverage! We’re open 24/7, so feel free to reach us whenever you feel ready!

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California Drug Rehab Centers
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California Drug Rehab Centers

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