The Dangerous List of Opioids Strongest to Weakest

The Dangerous List of Opioids Strongest to Weakest

Learn About The Villains of the Opioid Crisis

When opioid pain relievers were first marketed, they were sold as a safe and powerful pain reliever. Today, it’s understood that opioid pain relievers are dangerous drugs that can lead to addiction and even death. Every day in the United States, 130 people die to opioid overdose, according to the CDC.

There are many specific culprits among opioids that are driving the opioid epidemic. A list of opioids strongest to weakest will be discussed in this article to better understand which opioids are the most dangerous.

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The list of opiates that will be examined will be ranked from strongest to weakest. The more powerful the opioid is, the greater the risk becomes of taking too much, and the more likely a person will become physically addicted to the drug.

1. Fentanyl – The strongest pain pills have the highest concentration of the chemicals that binds to opioid receptors in the brain. Among the strongest pain pills is fentanyl, which is the most powerful opioid. It has become the main culprit behind opioid-related deaths in the United States. Estimates put fentanyl at 50 times more powerful than heroin.

It is sold under brand names including Sublimaze, Duragesic, and Actiq. It also has many street names including China Death, TNT, Murder 8, Jackpot, Goodfella, Dance Fever, Apache, and China Girl.

2. OxyContin – The second in the list of opioids strongest to weakest is OxyContin – a well-known extended-release opioid. It is usually sold as a tablet that is meant to last an entire day, which is often bypassed by drug abusers to quicken the release time. Street names include O.C., Oxy, Oxycet, Oxycotton, and Hillbilly Heroin.

3. Demerol – The brand name opioid, Demerol, is most frequently used during periods of extreme pain, such as during childbirth. It may also be used as anesthesia due to its potency. The drug comes in a variety of forms including an injectable solution, tablet, and liquid oral solution. Common street names include Pain Killer and Demmies.

4. Hydrocodone – The next in the list of opioids strongest to weakest is hydrocodone, which is sold under many different brand names such as Norco, Vicodin, and Zohydro. It is usually sold as a way to manage pain after surgery, chronic pain, or pain from an injury. It comes in both a syrup and tablet form. Street names for hydrocodone include names such as Watson-387 and Vike.

5. Morphine – The drug that was known as the “soldier’s disease” due to addictions it caused during war times, is the next in our list of opiates. Brand names include MS Contin and Duramorph among others. It is often used as a pain-management solution for cancer patients. It is available in tablet, capsule, suppository, and injectable form. It has street names such as White Stuff, Monkey, and Miss Emma.

6. Percocet – This drug is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. It comes in tablet, liquid oral solution, and capsule form. Some of the street names for the drug include Percs and Hillbilly Heroin since it also contains oxycodone.

7. Codeine – This opioid is a relatively short-acting opiate. It is commonly prescribed along with aspirin and acetaminophen. Tablet, capsule and liquid forms of the drug are sold. Some of the names that Codeine goes by when sold illegally include Purple Drank, Lean, Cody, and Sizzurp.

8. Oxymorphone – The last in our list of opioids strongest to weakest is oxymorphone, which is sold under brand names such as Opana and Numorphone. It is an extended-release opioid that has many street names including O Bomb, Stop Signs, Biscuits, and Blues.

While the last opioid on our list, oxymorphone, may not be as strong as fentanyl, it is still an opioid which means that there is a high risk of addiction, and always a risk of overdose. If you or someone you care about has become addicted to an opioid, then reach out to a professional and get the help needed to beat the addiction.

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