Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Doctors and Physicians

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Doctors and physicians are just as susceptible to addiction as anyone else and are often at higher risk due to working in demanding, chaotic, and high-stress environments. Many doctors who suffer from addiction remain functional and productive in their work and personal lives, and rarely seek treatment for fear of losing their medical licenses and healthcare practices, and ruining their reputations for which they worked so hard to earn.

Drug rehab treatment is available at Dana Point Rehab Campus for doctors who need help fighting addiction. Treatment programs will be personalized and discreet to help medical professionals retain their careers and achieve long-term recovery.

Why Do Doctors Abuse Drugs and Alcohol?

Doctors tend to abuse drugs and alcohol for many of the same reasons cited by others: to reduce and relieve stress, cope with trauma, wind down after long work hours, and to stay awake or fall asleep more easily. Doctors also have the ability to prescribe controlled substances such as opioids and benzodiazepines, and therefore have easy access to these drugs at any given time.

Results from a study published in the American Journal on Addiction show that the most common risk factors associated with drug and alcohol dependence among physicians are long work hours, being male, being married or partnered, having kids, and working in any specialty other than internal medicine. Of the 7,288 physicians who completed the study survey, 12.9 percent of male physicians and 21.4 percent of female physicians met diagnostic criteria for alcohol abuse or dependence.

Job burnout is another risk factor for addiction among physicians, which is characterized by symptoms including overwhelming physical and emotional exhaustion, irritability and hyper-vigilance, sleep problems, and poor judgment, among many others. According to a report from the Florida Board of Medicine, 45.8 percent of physicians in the US suffer burnout, which is significantly associated with depression, suicidal ideation, and alcohol abuse and dependence. The top three medical specialties associated with burnout are emergency medicine, critical care, and family medicine.

Common Signs of Addiction in Doctors

Mayo Clinic Proceedings reports that approximately 10 percent to 12 percent of physicians will develop a substance use disorder during their careers. Common signs of substance abuse and addiction in doctors are:

  • Smelling like alcohol, breath mints, or mouthwash
  • Sweating profusely
  • Practicing drug diversion tactics (misplacing or dropping pills “by accident”)
  • Placing unusual orders from drug companies
  • Abrupt changes in mood
  • Disappearing frequently to take breaks or use the restroom
  • Decline in personal hygiene and appearance
  • Increased number of patient complaints
  • Decreased work performance

Drug Rehab for Doctors at Dana Point Rehab Campus

Dana Point Rehab Campus offers drug rehab treatment for doctors and physicians who need help fighting and recovering from substance use disorders. Our treatment programs begin with drug detox to help patients safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol while facing a reduced risk of complications. After drug detox, patients transition into an inpatient residential rehab program to receive behavioral therapy and counseling for addiction. Our treatment programs are personalized for doctors and include stress management training and relapse prevention training to help these medical professionals stay sober in and out of the workplace without turning to drugs and alcohol.

If you are a doctor or physician who needs help recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, contact us today at 949-347-5466 to begin the admissions process and learn more about our drug detox and drug rehab programs.