Holistic Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Orange County

We Focus on the Whole Person, Not the Problem

While it is important to address addiction as the problem it is, focusing your recovery solely on the problem itself creates a more stressful experience that can make it harder to maintain your sobriety. Addiction rehabilitation is not so much about the condition itself, but you as a person. If recovering from addiction was as simple as recognizing it as a problem and telling yourself to stop, then this would not be the pervasive problem that it is. It is important to address the underlying causes of addiction so that you can understand what led to this problem in the first place and learn new strategies for managing cravings and temptations.

Dana Point Rehab Campus’s approach to addiction treatment is personal and holistic. We know that every person who comes to us for help has had different struggles and experiences. All of our treatment programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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What Exactly is Holistic Treatment?

The term “holistic” has been used liberally in recent years. Some people think that it means “alternative medicine,” but that is a misrepresentation. Holistic medicine refers to caring for a patient as a whole rather than focusing only on their condition. A health problem, particularly addiction and substance abuse, takes a physical, mental, and emotional toll. While treating the condition itself may help with the physical problems, it does little to address the other effects.

Part of what distinguishes holistic medicine from a more traditional approach is that the care professionals look at their patients as individuals – not just a disease. It has been common practice in medicine for doctors to distance themselves from patients by viewing them as problems that need to be solved. This trend has been shifting in recent years, with more emphasis on helping people rather than fixing a problem.

When it comes to addiction treatment, a holistic approach is one of the best strategies for preventing relapse and helping people move forward.