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Choosing the Best Rehabs for Addiction in California

A person who needs to go through addiction rehabilitation for drugs, alcohol, or a combination of more than one should ensure that they choose the rehab facility that meets their needs. This isn’t always an easy task, but it’s one that can have a profound impact on the success they enjoy with their recovery. There […]

Symptoms of Excessive Alcohol Use and Alcoholism

Addiction of any type carries a stigma, which is why thousands of Americans who suffer from alcohol addiction do not acknowledge their problem or seek treatment. However, alcoholism left untreated can open the door for a wide range of serious problems including organ damage, alcohol poisoning, and loss of jobs and relationships. Excessive alcohol use […]

Alcohol Addiction and Treatment Programs for Long Term Recovery

Drinking may be a problem in your life if this behavior is negatively affecting your career, education, relationships, and social activities. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a person may be addicted to alcohol if they experience a pattern of use that meets 10 or 11 specific diagnostic criteria within a 1-year period. […]

Depression and Addiction

Depression is a mood disorder characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in daily activities. Depression and addiction often go hand in hand due to the way symptoms of depression can trigger substance abuse and how long-term use of drugs and alcohol can change the brain to cause depression. Those with […]

Spotting the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Your loved one has been acting … different. They used to be friendly and happy, but recently, they’ve become more secretive about their habits. They might not go out as much, or they might not tell you where they’ve been. Unfortunately, these could be signs of addiction. Recognizing addiction in a loved one can be […]

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatment

If you suffer from drug dependence, you aren’t alone. Millions of people have a drug addiction that is difficult to resolve. If you have ever tried to stop taking a particular drug, you know how challenging it can be. The body gets used to functioning with substances, and when you stop taking them, you suffer […]

Substance Abuse Treatment in Orange County

Substance use disorders affect roughly 20.2 million adults in the U.S. or 8.4% of the population. Alcohol use disorder affects 16.3 million people, while drug use disorders affect 6.2 million. Sadly, only 2.5 million of these individuals receive professional substance abuse treatment at drug rehab. Substance abuse treatment uses a range of different therapies that […]

Valium Withdrawal and Drug Detox Treatment

Valium is a brand name for a benzodiazepine medication called diazepam. Benzodiazepines like Valium are commonly used to treat anxiety disorders, but they can lead to dependence and addiction with long-term use or when used in ways other than directed, such as by crushing and snorting. However, people who become dependent on Valium can safely […]

Xanax: About, Withdrawal, and Treatment

Xanax is a medication widely prescribed to treat anxiety and panic disorders, but it’s also a Schedule IV controlled substance with the potential for abuse. People who abuse Xanax or who use it for a long period of time can become physically dependent on this drug, and experience a wide range of withdrawal symptoms when […]

Alcohol Detox: The First Stage of Alcoholism Treatment

Although the idea of alcohol withdrawal may sound highly unpleasant and unappealing, it is important to know that alcohol detox can reduce and relieve symptoms to make you feel more comfortable, and it reduces the risk for complications. At Dana Point Rehab Campus, alcohol detox takes place in a safe, controlled medical environment where patients […]