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Dana Point Rehab Campus is a drug rehab in San Diego for people who are looking for the best upscale treatment available and require 100% confidentiality. At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we treat only one patient at a time. Treatment is administered in a very discreet clinical residence. Here, you will enjoy all of the amenities of a mansion with a breath-taking view over Thousand Oaks. The resort-style amenities, the hillside setting, and tranquil scenery only add to the peaceful feeling you will enjoy here.

How it Works

To get started, we will schedule a face-to-face meeting with you where we will evaluate your situation, your needs, and your goals. We’ll work with you to establish a plan of action and then begin to place a team of specialists around you who can help you execute your plan, cater to you, and help you to facilitate a major life change – a change that you are looking to make. Every day your mind, body, and soul will benefit from chef-inspired healthy dining and the most compassionate and experienced addiction specialists in the region.

What Makes Dana Point Rehab Campus Different?

When you go to therapy, you sit down with a therapist for 30-60 minutes, and then you go home. Here, we get to know you day in and day out, and this close association allows us to become familiar with your background, your lifestyle, and many other factors, which in turn gives us the ability to address the root of your problems and not just the behavior. Simply, our rehab is for those who seek a more personalized and hands-on addiction treatment experience.

A Rehab for the Upper Class

We understand that it’s important for you to feel at home and enjoy the lifestyle you’re used to. Our facility isn’t for everybody. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of rehabs for poor and middle-class people, but there’s hardly anything out there for upscale clients who need treatment. The clients we treat don’t do well at just any rehab because they are used to a certain lifestyle, and they don’t fit in with the other clients. The treatment model at Dana Point Rehab Campus is comprehensive and focuses on treating the underlying causes of addiction.

We Offer a Flexible Program

In most rehabs, a client usually has to go through a program that’s already defined. At Dana Point Rehab Campus, we strongly disagree with this approach. Here, clients don’t have to adhere to a rigid program. They have their own program. What we do first is a front row assessment and an inter-disciplinary assessment to figure out the nature of the client’s problem. Then, we collaborate with the client to fix the problem. It is important to understand what you want to change before you start to change it.

Make the Call

Dana Point Rehab Campus does rehab right. Rather than a one size fits all addiction treatment model, we tailor our treatment to the needs of each one of our clients. If you are searching for drug rehab in San Diego, don’t hesitate to call Dana Point.

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