Aetna Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Dana Point Rehab Campus accepts a wide variety of private insurance for alcohol and drug rehab and detox programs including Aetna Health Insurance.

Addiction can often take a major toll on your finances, which is why it can be difficult to pay for drug and alcohol rehab when you’re ready to seek professional help. Today, many addiction treatment services are covered by a wide range of health insurers to connect people with the medical care and attention they need to become sober and healthier. Dana Point Rehab Campus proudly accepts Aetna insurance for detox and residential drug rehab treatment.

Detox Coverage by Aetna

Supervised detox is usually the first stage of addiction treatment for patients who need help recovering from physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. This drug and alcohol detox treatment takes place in a safe, comfortable residential environment where patients can be closely monitored around the clock by medical staff as they go through withdrawal. According to the World Health Organization, medical detox can last anywhere between two days and several weeks based on factors such as the type of substance that was used and the severity of dependence.

Supervised detox is usually deemed a medically necessary component of addiction treatment; therefore, this service is often covered by many health insurers including Aetna. Drug detox treatments at Dana Point Rehab Campus sometimes involves medications and other evidence-based interventions to help patients feel as comfortable as possible while going through withdrawal. Following drug and alcohol detox, patients can transition into a residential rehab program to receive counseling and behavioral therapy.

Residential Inpatient Drug Rehab Coverage by Aetna

Residential inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs focus on reprogramming patients for functional daily life without the use of substances. Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan comprised of individual and group therapy sessions, support groups, and a wide range of other engaging science-based therapies, including music and equine recreational therapies. Drug rehab programs usually last 30 days, though programs that last 90 days or longer may offer more positive outcomes, reports the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Residential rehab helps patients change harmful drug-using behaviors and guides them through facing and overcoming the root causes of their addiction such as stress, trauma, and mental illness. America’s Rehab Campuses will perform a complete biopsychosocial and medical evaluation on each patient during the admissions process to develop the best possible personalized treatment plan that promotes a successful, long-term recovery.

Dana Point Rehab Campus Accepts Aetna Insurance

Potential clients with Aetna insurance plans who need addiction treatment can contact Dana Point Rehab Campus directly to receive a free insurance verification check. The insurance check can reveal whether or not your specific plan covers the costs of medical detox and residential rehab. In the event your Aetna health plan does not cover the cost of addiction treatment, we can discuss our other available financing options and work with you to make sure you receive the treatment you need.

Dana Point Rehab Campus currently operates drug and alcohol rehab centers in Orange County, California, and has plans to open other recovery centers throughout California. We welcome in-state and out-of-state visitors and look forward to guiding you safely and comfortably along the path to recovery.

Call us today at 888-509-1560 to verify your insurance benefits by phone or to learn more about our many available drug rehab programs.

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