Treatment Centers in Orange County

Treatment Centers in Orange County

Dana Point Rehab Campus is one of the leading substance rehabilitation institutions in the business for good reasons. We want to help you escape the vicious circle of addiction that you may be trapped in because we know you don’t have a lot of options available. Narcotics, alcohol, prescription drugs – all these substances will break your life in ways you wouldn’t even suspect.

Our treatment centers in Orange County are popular for several reasons:

  • Highly experienced, patient-friendly staff
  • Top-notch counselors and clinicians
  • A variety of high-end programs
  • A detailed and comprehensive approach to substance addiction
  • Patient-oriented rehab treatments

Contrary to what many people believe, we know that breaking substance addiction is not a matter of sheer will. You cannot muscle your way out of it. It takes knowledge, professional assistance, commitment, and a complex rehab strategy to pull it off.

There is life beyond the withdrawal

Most victims of substance addiction don’t even remember what it was like when they lived a sober life. In advanced stages of addiction, the withdrawal will always seem like an impenetrable wall. You may already experience the desperation and the disappointment of not being able to quit your bad habits.

We want to show you that you can. There is a way to do it, and we’re here to walk you through it. Our rehabilitation program uses three main strategies to help you overcome withdrawal and prevent the relapse:

Clinical detoxification – The detoxification treatment relies on your medical profile and symptomatology. We use it in all our treatment centers in Orange County because it delivers fast and long-lasting benefits. It’s meant to eliminate the symptoms of withdrawal, cleanse your system of toxins, and restore your cognitive and behavioral stability. It’s the first stage of the rehabilitation strategy and a vital one.

Dual Diagnosis – The dual diagnosis treatment focuses on identifying and treating any co-occurring disorders you might experience. Some may be pre-existent to substance addiction; others may have developed as a direct consequence. In any case, the dual diagnosis treatment will address any mental problems you might have, like depression, bipolar disorder, paranoia, and even high-stress levels and insomnia. The procedure is meant to stabilize your cognitive functioning and speed your recovery.

Mental healing and behavioral therapies – Medication is not enough to help you overcome substance addiction. You also need to go through extensive mental and emotional recovery procedures during the rehab treatment. We have group and family therapies, emotional support, and psychological assistance to offer for a complete rehab strategy.

Education and social support – We want to help you take care of yourself once you complete the rehab program. Our top counselors will be at your disposal around the clock, helping you fix your relationships, get a better job, and remain sober over the years. For this reason, we believe that our treatment centers in Orange County deliver a rehab experience unlike any other.

Dana Point Rehab Campus ranks among the top-tier rehab institutions in the business. Choose wisely – visit our center today!

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Treatment Centers in Orange County
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Treatment Centers in Orange County

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