Top Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

As an addiction victim struggling with co-occurring mental disorders daily, you need professional assistance fast. Dana Point Rehab Campus invites patients into our top-rated dual diagnosis treatment centers for comprehensive rehab assistance and recovery support. There are five reasons why our dual diagnosis treatment facilities rank among the best in the business:

1. Recognizing the link between substance addiction and mental disorders

Our dual diagnosis drug and alcohol rehab begins with the detoxification process. The detox treatment is a procedure meant to address the patient’s substance abuse problems. The goal is to combat the withdrawal, detox the patient’s body, and calm the mind in preparation for inpatient care at our luxurious facility. We know that substance addiction and co-occurring mental problems often go hand in hand, which is why we treat both at the same time.

This allows our patients to recover faster and preserve their sobriety better in the long run.

2. Structured treatment

Our drug treatment centers for mentally ill rely on structured rehabilitation treatment to achieve the best results. Patients undergo numerous treatment modalities, including detox, psychotherapy, medication plans, behavioral therapies, counseling, and recreational activities daily during the inpatient program. The goal is to provide them with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support for faster healing and recovery.

3. Evidence-based treatments

Our professionals only rely on proven rehabilitation treatments to ensure our patients’ safety and comfort and improve the treatment’s reliability. Some of these treatment modalities include behavioral therapies like CBT and DBT, contingency management, REBT, etc. These programs will improve the patient’s mental and emotional stability and help them become more self-sufficient, functional, and stable over the years.

4. Faith-based treatment program

Our dual diagnosis addiction treatment includes the Faith-Based Program, whose sole purpose is to strengthen our patients’ strength, determination, and positivity. A clear mind, paired with a strong heart and a young spirit, are key weapons in the war against addiction and mental health disorders. Our program will help patients navigate their lives’ problems easier and teach them the importance of responsibility, honesty, and discipline.

5. A long-term crisis management plan

The rehab treatment’s success largely depends on the patient’s ability to stick to a healthy and stable lifestyle routine post-rehab. Our recovery experts will teach you everything you need to carry on with your life, safe from addiction and its health-related problems. We also provide patients with robust long-term medication plans and management skills to deploy whenever facing relapse or dealing with social and environmental triggers.

If you’re after the best dual diagnosis rehabs near me, our facility is the ideal destination. We treat addiction and co-occurring disorders in a supportive, welcoming, and safe environment, ensuring our patients’ comfort throughout the program. We advise you to contact our rehab professionals immediately at 949-239-7557 to discuss your insurance coverage, payment, and treatment options and make an appointment.

Dana Point Rehab Campus ranks among the top-rated dual diagnosis treatment centers in the business. We care about our patients’ wellbeing, and we spare no effort in ensuring premier care and assistance during the treatment and beyond.

Top Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers
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Top Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers
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Top Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

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