Top Rated Alcohol Treatment Centers

Most addiction victims have trouble finding the care they need, often settling for subpar rehab treatments and ineffective recovery programs. This problem is gone with Dana Point Rehab Campus, thanks to our top-rated alcohol treatment centers, operating based on the highest quality standards in the rehab business. Here are several reasons why we rank among the premier rehab facilities available:

1. Structured and gradual rehabilitation treatment

The rehab treatment needs to take you through several recovery phases to be effective. Our California alcohol rehab relies on a structured recovery protocol, including:

  • Clinical evaluation on-site
  • Comprehensive medical detoxification
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Psychotherapy and behavioral therapies
  • Recreational activities and community bonding
  • Faith-based treatment
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Discharge planning, etc.

Each of these modalities will play specific roles in the rehabilitation process, which makes them vital to the recovery journey as a whole.

2. Targeted dual diagnosis treatment

Our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment includes specialized dual diagnosis assistance throughout the recovery process. Our professionals will provide clinical and psychological evaluations, medication management, therapy, counseling sessions, and aftercare guidance and support. The goal is to identify and address co-occurring disorders linked to your addiction, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, etc.

The dual diagnosis treatment is a core feature of our rehab program with vast applications in relapse prevention and sobriety management.

3. A modern rehab approach

Many California alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers are somewhat stuck in the past, relying on expired or, at best, subpar treatment procedures. We’ve taken a different route, combining conventional rehab procedures with modern modalities to ensure the best results. We only use evidence-based recovery modalities and rely on the latest scientific discoveries in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and holistic healing to help our patients heal and embrace sobriety.

4. Family education and support

Our California addiction treatment programs promote family involvement since your loved ones will play a defining role in your recovery’s success. We teach patients transparency, responsibility, honesty, and forgiveness, helping them rebuild broken relationships and find peace with themselves and loved ones. Our specialists also train family members in relapse prevention, making them valuable assets in your fight against relapse and temptation.

5. Relapse prevention planning and sobriety management

We measure the treatment’s success by a distinct metric that most facilities tend to overlook – its long-term reliability. The treatment’s success depends on how effective it is at helping you maintain sobriety over the years. At our best rehab centers in California, we rely on relapse prevention training to teach people about addiction triggers and healthy living. This is an important aspect that often makes or breaks the rehabilitation process.

Our top-rated alcohol treatment centers provide people with a relaxing, safe, and supportive recovery setting, ideal for addressing addiction conditions and co-occurring disorders. If you wish to quit your addiction and rehabilitate in a home-like environment, we invite you to Dana Point Rehab Campus today. Call 949-239-7557, make an immediate appointment for clinical assessment and detox, and our rehab experts will take it from there.

Top Rated Alcohol Treatment Centers
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Top Rated Alcohol Treatment Centers
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Top Rated Alcohol Treatment Centers

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