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Private Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Dana Point Rehab Campus invites you to the most exquisite private drug rehabilitation centers, offering luxurious living conditions, top rehab amenities, and utmost patient care. Our center promotes holistic California alcohol rehab in a safe and supportive environment, allowing patients to heal and embrace sobriety over the years.

Why we are a premier rehabilitation facility like no other

There are several aspects recommending us as some of the best in the rehab business. This includes:

  • A competent team of professionals – Our California alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers wouldn’t be the same without our top-notch therapists, family counselors, and rehab professionals. We have a team of leading rehab professionals working with our patients every day, ready to assist and support them throughout the rehabilitation treatment and beyond. Their expertise, professionalism, and qualifications speak volumes about their impeccable profile and competence.
  • A unique methodology – We address addiction via multiple disciplines and treatment approaches, including pharmacotherapy, evidence-based holistic treatments, behavioral therapies, etc. This approach allows us to address addiction’s causes, minimize the withdrawal’s impact, and promote long-lasting sobriety and healthy living post-rehab. The inpatient drug and alcohol treatment also features in-depth dual diagnosis treatment for patients struggling with co-occurring disorders and requiring extra clinical care.
  • Resort-style facility – Our center offers luxurious living conditions and amenities, housing patients in a comfortable and relaxing setting, right next to the ocean. At our center, you will receive nutritious and delicious foods, stick to a healthy lifestyle routine, and embark on a variety of treatment modalities. We spare no effort in providing patients with the utmost comfort during their recovery journey, ensuring an unforgettable rehabilitation experience.
  • Treatment modalities – One-trick-pony rehab facilities always fail at delivering consistent results, withstanding the test of time. Our center combines traditional rehab approaches with modern takes on pharmacotherapy and holistic healing for outstanding results over time. Some of the treatment modalities we’re using include clinical detox, Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy, family support, Case Management, counseling sessions, etc.

Leading California addiction treatment programs

It’s essential to find reliable detox and rehab treatment when dealing with prolonged or aggravated addiction. The sooner you embark on the rehab treatment, the faster you will be able to combat the disorder and embrace sobriety as a lifestyle. We have the best rehab centers in California, providing premier rehab modalities, impeccable living conditions, and patient-oriented care and support 24/7.

Our rehab treatment will help you:

  • Regain your positivity and behavioral and emotional balance
  • Understand your addiction and its triggers
  • Control your cravings and strive to become more responsible
  • Identify and address your negative thoughts and emotions
  • Learn how to live a healthy, sober, and fulfilling life after rehab, etc.

Our private drug rehabilitation centers promote healing and recovery in a supportive and peaceful setting. If you’re ready to tackle your addiction head-on, call our professionals at 949-239-7557 and make an appointment today! Coming to Dana Point Rehab Campus is a decision that you need to make on your own. Make the smart call, contact our team, and make an appointment as soon as you’re ready.

Dana Point Rehab Campus - Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Orange County
Private Drug Rehabilitation Centers
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