Private Drug Rehab Centers

Dana Point Rehab Campus is a renowned private drug rehab center with world-class amenities, experienced staff, and highly effective treatments. Here's why our private rehab is the best place for recovery from addiction:

  • Focus on underlying mental health issues

Our reputation for offering the best addiction treatment in California comes from our ability to identify and treat the underlying co-occurring mental health problems. Addiction often stems from mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, etc. We engage our clients in a range of psychotherapies and experiential programs, helping them achieve comprehensive recovery from their mental health problems.

  • 1-on-1 therapies

Ranked as the #1 top-rated drug and alcohol rehab, our therapists spend several hours of 1-on-1 sessions with our clients to understand their insecurities, challenges, symptoms, and their addiction's triggers. Our personalized care and support help our clients reach their wellness goals in no time and empowers them with critical tools to combat triggers and cravings.

  • Dedicated and accredited staff

Rated as one of the best luxury rehabs in California, we have the finest medical staff and mental health professionals as a part of our team. Our clinicians work continuously to motivate patients towards sobriety and healthy living. Our medical staff and behavioral therapists possess the highest level of training, several years of experience, and sheer compassion to help individuals battling addiction.

  • Strong ongoing support options

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process, and our relationship with our clients does not end the day they leave our rehab. Staying sober in the long term requires more than unfaltering commitment, perseverance, and willpower. Professional guidance and ongoing support are crucial to help you stay focused on sobriety in the long haul. We offer exceptional ongoing care programs to our alumni clients and ensure that they continue their journey to sobriety over the years.

  • Evidence-based programs

Several treatments and therapies help address and treat addiction, but not all are as reliable and effective as science-based therapies. As a top California private rehab, we use therapies with strong scientific and medical evidence to treat substance abuse disorders. Our modalities are more successful overall and make it easier for our clients to break free from their behavioral disorders. We mix these modern modalities it with traditional methods like yoga and meditation to help our clients garner the best outcome in recovery.

  • Excellent amenities

One of the features that separate our private luxury rehab centers from the rest is our amenities. We offer a broad range of amenities at our drug and alcohol rehabs, from a fully functional gym to breath-taking views of the shoreline. These amenities enrich our treatment process, helping our clients feel more comfortable and relaxed during recovery. We offer first-class amenities at affordable prices to make sure that our clients attain a safe, speedy, and successful recovery.

Verify your insurance with us by calling 949-239-7557 or visiting our website. Dana Point Rehab Campus is a private drug rehab center with luxury amenities, evidence-based treatments, dedicated staff, and the lowest relapse rates. Let us guide you towards sobriety and a healthier lifestyle. Call us now!

Private Drug Rehab Centers
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Private Drug Rehab Centers
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Private Drug Rehab Centers

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