Michael Castanon

Who is Michael Castanon and why is he so talked about?

He is the CEO of Orange County, the face behind California's Dana Point Rehab Campus. Dana Point Rehab Campus is one of the most successful rehabilitation centers in California all because of the philosophy and mindset of Michael Castanon.

Michael’s Vision:

Michael's only vision was to see a society where addiction is not considered a sin rather a condition that can be treated and a challenge that is difficult to overcome but not impossible. He wanted to initiate a system that will help addicts fight their battle of addiction with better results and lasting effects.


Keeping his vision crystal clear his mission was to set high and outstanding standards in the treatment of addiction. Those standards are set through innovation, modern treatment programs, and profound experience and knowledge.

Dana Point Rehab Campus brings a uniquely transformative experience for its client. The serene environment and peaceful living setting is a great way to make anyone feel motivated and give them physical, spiritual, and moral support.

Values and Beliefs

1) Love and Compassion:

In a society where addicts are considered inferior, Michael's philosophy is to provide extreme care, love, and compassion to all his clients. He believes that through our love and profound care we can change more lives than usual. The lives that we touch can be guided towards a better future through extra care and attention.

2) Constant Innovation:

There is no one road to recovery for everyone. The condition of every client demands a different way of treatment, which is made sure through relentless and constant innovation and new treatment methods.

To bring a genuine change in society bold yet effective methods have to be adopted and accepted. This has what help him redefine the addiction treatment industry.

3) Quality Standards and Sincerity:

The set values and standards are not for the clients only. Rather Michael and his association prefer equal respect and integrity for all the people connected with him and his mission. He honors his clients, employees, Company, and all the communities connected with it.

Dana Point Rehab Campus is a center where respect is the basic building block of the organization. And only the right and honest dealings are made in all matters.

4) Aspire to be the best:

There is no point of perfection rather much improvement and growth can be achieved. Believing this Michael and his organization have always aim to bring the best possible ways of treatment for their clients. They focus on results and never give a second thought if something is in favor of their client's health.

5) Successful team:

It is the firm belief that the accomplishment of an organization lies in the success of its team, its people, and its employees. Therefore an open and honest relationship is built among employees and direct communication is kept among the organization. The accomplishments are shared and the milestones are achieved with collective efforts.

Take Action

When the vision is clear achieving the result becomes easier. Become a part of our journey and experience a therapy change like never before.

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Michael Castanon

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