Mental Health Retreat California

If you are looking for a mental health retreat in California and feel you need a break from your life, consider Dana Point Rehab Campus.

Why Choose Us?

We are a small exclusive facility that can provide you with the privacy you need. We are on a hill overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and we have a beautiful facility that is located in Southern California. It is designed for people who require privacy and exclusivity.

We offer a safe, clean, and calm environment where you can be assured of the comfort and support you need while you are dealing with your issues.  We offer a quiet, serene atmosphere and are the perfect mental health retreat in California.

We believe in the holistic approach to healing the mind and body and think it is critical to treat the entire person, not just the symptoms of a problem. Our goal is to make it possible for you to function in your real life as efficiently as you can function at our facility. Let us help you find inner peace and distance yourself from negativity.

What Therapies Do We Offer?

We have Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and it is a goal-oriented psychotherapy treatment that approaches problem-solving practically. Its goal is to help change how you think and what behavior is behind your difficulties.

Relapse prevention is also an essential part of all of our programs. Relapse prevention can help keep you from going back to what you were doing that made you unhappy, or made you abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Support Groups are essential for sharing your problems. Members can help each other with various types of support and help each other with coping strategies. Belonging to a support group can empower you to feel more in control of your personal and emotional life, and sharing with a caring group of people that are there to support you in very beneficial and helps a great deal.

Psychoeducation is the process of providing education and information for people diagnosed with a mental health condition or a life-threatening illness. This would also pertain to family members.

Skill development is vital for people overcoming difficult situations with addiction or if the person suffers from any diagnosed mental health condition. Everyone must be given the support and amount of time they need to develop the skills necessary. Some find learning skills difficult, and their progress is slower.

What Other Activities and Amenities Do We Offer?

We believe that a mental health retreat in California should offer a variety of therapies that are suited to the individual client. We have highly trained licensed therapists that can be of assistance when you need them. You are welcome to customize your lunch and dinner menu and choose what you prefer.

Our pool and fitness facilities are high-quality and available. We have dental care and salon services that you can use. Our staff is non-judgmental, supportive, and caring. Our goal is for you to become the very best version of yourself you can. Begin our journey by contacting Dana Point Rehab Campus today.

Mental Health Retreat California
Dana Point Rehab Campus - Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Orange County
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Mental Health Retreat California
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Mental Health Retreat California

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