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Recovering from alcohol addiction can be a long and tiring process. However, the success of rehabilitation doesn’t only end within the premise of rehab facilities. Sometimes, situations occur that may pose a risk of relapse. And when that happens, you’ll need to find a strong motivation to prevent a relapse from happening.

As going back to the outside world after a life-changing rehabilitation doesn’t always come easy, finding the motivation to sustain sobriety is also a big thing.  Living life as an outpatient comes with its own challenges. Undergoing detox in Orange County can be easy, but keeping temptation at bay will be one of your biggest challenges. Dealing with peer pressure on the outside world can be difficult especially when you are surrounded by people who will entice and tempt you to try alcohol again.

Saying “No” Can Save your Life

Learning to say no to a situation can save you from dealing with relapses in the future. Peer pressure is real, and at times, it can be difficult. But regardless of who offers the drink, you don’t owe anyone an explanation why it is necessary for you to decline. You might be tempted to take just one glass. However, you need to toughen your commitment to saying no because there are a lot of things that could go wrong with that one glass. There are plenty of ways to say no to a drink, and you can always find excuses to refuse one.

Recovering friends or those you've known during your detox in Orange County can offer huge support to sustain your sobriety. It is also important not to expose yourself with your previous drinking buddies to prevent a relapse from happening. Always take note that there are ways for you to enjoy your friend's company without being compelled to alcohol use. You can plan parties that don’t require drinking or get together parties where you can fully relax without the engagement of alcoholic beverages. There many activities that don’t need alcohol to have fun. You can go to the movies, visit the gym and work out, go hiking or swimming, to name a few. These activities can be enjoyable without the need for alcohol.

Don’t Deal With Pressure

If the pressure is too much to handle and you find yourself being pulled into drinking, it is best that you get out of the room. Think about why you’re doing it in the first place. Understanding the risk of relapse is not worth the time. So if you think that this night is going to be a night full of regrets, it is time for you to leave and look for other enjoyable things to do.

Committing yourself to be sober takes self-control and strong will. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone. If you find yourself having difficulties with peer pressure, you can visit our support centers for detox in Orange County or call Dana Point Rehab Campus at 1-877-349-2391.

Medical Detox Orange County
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Medical Detox Orange County
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Medical Detox Orange County

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