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Dana Point Rehab Campus is a leading Laguna Beach rehab with breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains and an excellent staff team. Our personalized treatment approach and integrated recovery methods help our recovering addicts overcome addiction safely and sustainably.

What can I expect with luxury addiction treatment?

Our luxury addiction treatment offers access to comfortable, high-end private rooms at an upscale facility. While the levels of luxury at different drug and alcohol treatment facilities vary, most of these rehabs offer meals prepared by a chef, engage patients in private therapy, and come with amenities like a fully-equipped fitness studio, swimming pool, massage therapy, etc.

Equine-assisted therapy, dolphin-assisted therapy, and other animal-assisted therapies are common elements in luxury rehabs. Also, patients get to experience breathtaking views as most luxury rehabs overlook the ocean, a lake, or the mountains.

Do I need rehab treatment?

Most people struggling with substance abuse disorders find it difficult to admit that they need help. If you find your drug-using behavior or excessive alcohol consumption causing problems in life, consider the fact that you may have an addiction disorder. Once you come to terms with your behavioral disorder, you are already on your recovery path.

Remember that you do not have to wait until you hit rock bottom to consider addiction treatment. If you face negative consequences at work, school, or relationships or have difficulties managing finances, you must consider joining a Laguna Beach rehab soon. You probably need addiction treatment if you lack control, suffer from cravings, or spend a lot of time acquiring the substance. We help patients overcome addiction with our 30-day inpatient treatment program and teach them efficient ways to manage cravings.

What happens if I don't join a rehab for treatment?

Abusing drugs or alcohol in the long term can deteriorate your overall health and lead to lethal consequences. Your addiction disorder can cause you to lose your job, loved ones, tarnish your reputation, and experience drastic financial difficulties. Addiction is also a progressive disease that can worsen if you do not seek help in the early stages.

Substance abuse disorder is a chronic disease. Even if you think you have a mild addiction disorder, leaving it untreated can cause it to become severe over time. Make sure to join a rehab facility before it gets worse.

Why can't I get sober on my own?

Once you have accepted your addiction, the next important thing is to join a rehab center. Professional addiction treatment is the safest and most reliable way to get sober.

Beating addiction involves more than overcoming the withdrawal symptoms. Your addiction often stems from an underlying mental health issue, which can cause your chemical dependency problem to resurface in the future. Joining a treatment facility can help you heal from your psychiatric problems alongside addiction and help you learn coping mechanisms to stay sober in the long term.

Act now to break free from your behavioral disorders. Dana Point Rehab Campus is a highly sought-after dual diagnosis treatment center with world-class amenities, highly effective therapies, and a dedicated clinical team. Verify your insurance with our Laguna Beach rehab by reaching us at 888-509-1560.

Laguna Beach Rehab
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Laguna Beach Rehab
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Laguna Beach Rehab

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