Huntington Beach Drug Rehab

Rated as the #1 Huntington Beach drug rehab, Dana Point Rehab Campus is a premier treatment facility with a tranquil ambiance that helps patients battling addiction attain improved physical and mental wellness. We address the root cause of addiction using a broad range of evidence-based therapies and holistic wellness programs, helping patients achieve sustainable sobriety.

Can I travel for rehab treatment?

Sometimes taking a break from your regular life and traveling for a bit can do a lot of good for your mental health. Cities like California offer high-quality addiction treatment options. If you are willing to travel for the rehab treatment, you also have several options to choose from across the U.S. 

Traveling to another location for rehab can also help you distance yourself from your triggers and everyday stressful situations. More importantly, leaving your comfort zone can solidify your commitment to sobriety and expose you to a new lifestyle. However, this option may not work for you if you cannot afford the added cost of travel. Also, it can be hard for you to receive aftercare support from your treatment facility once you leave the rehab center.

Top reasons to choose us for rehab treatment

Our Huntington Beach drug rehab offers a comfortable and luxurious setting for recovery, under the guidance and assistance of a team of rehab professionals. With comfortable semi-private rooms, gourmet meal options, a spacious patio, and several other amenities, our residents feel at home and relaxed during their stay with us.

This comfortable setting allows patients to place their undivided focus on recovery. Our dedicated clinical staff and behavioral therapists engage clients in a series of holistic treatments alongside results-oriented therapies to help them attain comprehensive recovery from addiction. Rated as a leading rehab facility for dual diagnosis disorders, we accept all major insurance plans and offer addiction treatment at affordable prices.

What are the warning signs of a co-occurring mental disorder?

The signs of co-occurring mental health issues can vary from one person to another. The severity of your addiction, the substance abused, duration and frequency of abuse, etc., can affect the symptoms you experience. Some of the dual diagnosis symptoms include:

  1. Changes in general behavior
  2. Facing issues in managing everyday tasks and responsibilities
  3. Trying to avoid social activities and events
  4. Choosing isolation
  5. Neglecting health and poor personal hygiene
  6. Experiencing delusional thinking or suffering from cognitive impairments
  7. Rebelling addiction treatment
  8. Experiencing thoughts of suicide or engaging in self-harming behaviors
  9. Erratic and impulsive behaviors

Facing issues with managing finances, getting into trouble at work, poor performance or absenteeism are additional warning signs of dual diagnosis disorder. Sign up for addiction treatment at a licensed rehab at the earliest if you experience one or more of these symptoms.

Call us at 888-509-1560 to verify your insurance with Dana Point Rehab Campus. We are a preeminent Huntington Beach drug rehab with world-class amenities, highly effective detox, inpatient, IOP/PHP programs, and science-based treatments. Get in touch with us for more details.

Huntington Beach Drug Rehab
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Huntington Beach Drug Rehab
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Huntington Beach Drug Rehab

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