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Executive Drug Rehab

Dana Point Rehab Campus is a leading executive drug rehab with scientific methodologies, an experienced staff team, and upscale premises. We specialize in addressing all forms of alcohol and drug addiction conditions and accept all major insurances.

Top reasons to choose our executive addiction treatment in California

We are one of the few rehabs to offer a highly effective executive program for addiction. Our personalized treatment plans evolve and change as our residents gradually progress in their recovery journeys. Here are three reasons to choose our professionals drug and alcohol rehab:

  • Evidence-based treatments – We use behavioral counseling and psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, DBT, biofeedback, etc., to address addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Using advanced medical devices, we help our residents overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely.
  • Dual diagnosis treatments – Our executive drug and alcohol addiction program focuses on identifying the root cause of your substance abuse disorder. By addressing the underlying issues like anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental health problems, we prevent addiction and the co-occurring mental disorders from resurfacing in the future. 
  • Serene views - Set on a hill that overlooks one of the most breathtaking locations in Southern California, our rehab facility offers the best view and an ideal ambiance for residents to heal and recover from their behavioral and mental disorders.

As one of the best executive drug rehabilitation programs in Southern California, we customize our treatment plan to fit your busy schedules and work-related obligations. With modern amenities and upscale accommodations, our residents enjoy the highest level of comfort and addiction care at our drug rehab.

What can I expect in executive treatment?

Unlike residential treatment, an executive rehab center will allow you access to laptops, phones, private conference rooms, and other amenities to help you fulfill your professional duties. Executive rehab patients can travel for work and stay in private rooms to carry out their work-related responsibilities. 

Individuals in managerial positions often deal with a considerable amount of stress and anxiety, which can cause them to turn towards drug or alcohol abuse. Our executive treatment focuses on helping residents learn coping strategies to manage stress and triggers. As the leading provider of the best executive treatment programs in Southern California, we make it a priority to protect our clients' privacy and discretion.

What is executive drug and alcohol rehab?

While most people postpone the rehab treatment due to the fear of losing their job or the stigma that follows addiction, executive drug rehab centers provide a way for top-level professionals to seek help without jeopardizing their career. These rehabs create personalized treatment plans that work around your schedule and ensure a safe and comfortable recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Call Dana Point Rehab Campus at 949-239-7557 to join our executive drug rehab. Our executive drug rehab program is ideal for individuals with busy schedules and unavoidable work commitments. Don't let your work stop you from seeking the help and support you deserve to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Get in touch with us to begin on a liberating journey towards sobriety.

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Executive Drug Rehab
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