Drug Rehab Huntington Beach

Dana Point Rehab Campus is a reputed drug rehab in Huntington Beach for alcohol and drug addiction disorders. We also treat dual diagnosis disorders using an integrated treatment approach to help patients overcome their behavioral and mental health challenges.

Benefits of medical detox

Medical detox refers to the process of using medications to flush out the toxins from your body. Some of the benefits of clinical detox are:

  • It can reduce your pain and discomfort in recovery.
  • It helps eliminate the toxins and drugs from your body in a safe and pain-free manner.
  • It also alleviates the psychiatric symptoms that may occur during the withdrawal phase.
  • Medical detox can prepare your mind and body for a long-term treatment process.
  • It reduces your risk for relapse in the long term.

Make sure to join a leading drug rehab in Huntington Beach for medical detox treatment. It is pivotal that you remain under the close medical supervision of a skilled clinical team during and after detox treatment.

Tips for restoring relationships after rehab treatment

Take small but steady steps to change your lifestyle for the better. People around you will automatically notice your positive changes and realize that things are different this time. Make sure to keep up your promises and stay committed to those you love and the people who rely on you. Participate in activities with your loved one like attending church or going to couples therapy, etc. Doing things together can help them reconnect with you and help them see how you are a changed person now.

You must remember to be patient and have faith because trust does not develop in a day. Our mental health therapists teach critical communication skills and interpersonal tools to recovering addicts, helping them fix broken relationships with loved ones and family members. As one of the best rehab facilities in Huntington Beach, we also conduct family therapy sessions to mend trust issues between the recovering addicts and their loved ones and family members.

Types of therapies we use to treat addiction

We understand how each addiction circumstance is unique. Our behavioral therapists use a broad range of therapies to address and treat substance abuse disorders. Some of the addiction therapies that we use are:

  • EMDR

The Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy uses sporadic visual stimulation to help recovering addicts overcome mental and emotional traumas.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Our therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy to address problematic thoughts and feelings in recovering addicts, helping them recover from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

  • Family therapy

Our family therapy sessions involve the recovering addicts, their family members, and our therapist. These sessions aim to improve relationships between our client and their loved ones and resolve family conflicts.

Contact Dana Point Rehab Campus at 888-509-1560 to join our drug rehab in Huntington Beach. Our addiction treatments are affordable, and we accept most of the insurance carriers. We can help you achieve your wellness goals and lead a sober life. Make the call today for a new beginning.

Drug Rehab Huntington Beach
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Drug Rehab Huntington Beach
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Drug Rehab Huntington Beach

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