Detox Program Orange County

Detox Program Orange County

Alcohol, when taken moderately, is said to be beneficial, but being precarious about your alcohol intake can be damaging. It is a highly addictive substance and people with an inclination towards alcoholism often become addicted. A combination of an underlying problem such as anxiety, depression, and several other mental disorders can aggravate your alcohol addiction. This is the reason why detox program in Orange County should step in so you can have bigger chances of sustaining your sobriety.  

It is important for you to know when to stop before everything becomes too late and always remember that it’s never too late to seek help for your alcohol addiction. First, an alcoholic must go through an extensive alcohol detox program to get rid of toxins. There is plenty of alcohol detox program in Orange County where you can start getting out of the addiction. So, what happens during your alcohol treatment program?

How Detox Programs Helps Treat Addiction

Once you first stepped into a detox program, a patient will have to undergo an intake exam. Counselors and the intake team will have to know what kind of support you need. Knowing one’s personal and mental health is also essential for preparing you for the rehab program. Psychiatric and drinking history must be laid out for a better understanding of how the addiction came to be.

Most people who undergo alcohol binges and substance abuse suffer from depressed, to say the least, finding relief in alcohol consumption. It could the because of unhealthy relationships or disappointments among other things. Knowing what triggers them is crucial to prevent a relapse from occurring.

During the rehab process, a person suffering from addiction will show withdrawal symptoms. They tend to get more aggressive, becomes insomniac, and with hands that start to feel numb or it keeps shaking. The feelings of anxiety and depression begin to occur, and many other symptoms usually happen.

For some, it is not an easy feeling as it affects their daily routines, eventually pulling them back to their alcohol abuse. During your rehab, physicians and in-house nurses will regularly check your overall health and status to prevent the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. This is usually the best thing about enrolling in a rehabilitation program. It’s because you are adequately cared for during this harsh phases of your recovery.

Know Different Approach in Treating Alcoholism

There are several types of detox programs depending on the severity of the addiction. For patients that can still function properly or patients that are approaching full recovery, they can continue the program as outpatients. Outpatients may continue visiting health care professionals for regular checks and continued medications. This option is cost-effective and applicable to mild or moderate alcohol withdrawals.

For patients who are still experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, they may be admitted to the centers for further treatment. Detox centers check for symptoms and monitor the patient’s health until they are stable and capable of continuing medications outside.

If you are dealing with alcohol addiction, you can check for detox program in Orange County by calling Dana Point Rehab Campus at 1-877-349-2391.

Detox Program Orange County
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Detox Program Orange County

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