Detox Centers in Orange County

Detox Centers in Orange County

Too much alcohol takes its toll not just on your overall health, but your social and mental state. People suffering from alcohol abuse tends to be alone most of the time because of their need to satisfy their cravings. If this is the kind of life that you currently have, then it’s time to consider throwing down the bottle so you can turn your life around. There are great detox centers in Orange County to help you achieve lifelong sobriety.  

A lot of people have lost their loved ones because of inappropriate alcohol use and addiction. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving kills almost one person every 50 minutes. If you think of the numbers, it is unimaginable how alcohol leads to thousands of deaths every year. So, if you or your loved one is having difficulties giving up alcohol, you need to seek help from detox centers in Orange County to help you sober up.

Why choosing sobriety can be best for you

When you constantly consume alcohol, you will find it difficult to think clearly or even get up and go to work. Hangovers are mainly caused by ethanol which directly affects your central nervous system. Ethanol also works in the body as a diuretic which makes you urinate more. Frequent urination suppresses production of vasopressin, a hormone essential for water reabsorption in the kidneys. Frequent alcohol use switches the body’s natural signals off and flushes water through your bladder rather than your kidneys.

Since alcohol is causes dehydration, your parts of your body including your skin is affected. People drinking too much alcohol tends to look older than people of the same age. Alcohol also increases body heat and may cause inflammations in the long run. Skin irritations are likely to happen to lead to a myriad of skin problems. Cutting down on alcohol intake through detox by rehab will allow your skin to rejuvenate.

Consuming too much alcohol and your mental health

Staying sober improves overall mental health because it removes the effect of alcohol in your system. Eliminating alcohol in your bloodstream allows you to think clearly because it eliminates toxic byproducts in your system. It improves nerve communication so you can perform the task efficiently. Too much concentration of blood alcohol in your system clouds judgment and affects your brain’s coordination system. Just .02 G/DL alcohol in your bloodstream causes loss of judgment and inability to act multiple tasks at the same time.

Too much alcohol in your body also causes fatty liver which in time, can lead to a fatal illness. Alcohol affects how the liver turns glucose into fat and disrupt its distribution throughout the body. Even if you’re in your prime, too much alcohol intake can potentially create some diseases more than your body can handle. Being sober can save you from the dangers of physical and mental ravages it brings.

If you or your friend needs help in getting sober, contact Dana Point Rehab Campus at 1-877-349-2391.

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Detox Centers in Orange County
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Detox Centers in Orange County

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