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Dana Point Rehab Campus offers access to advanced rehab treatment, preparing patients for a smooth recovery and a sober lifestyle post-rehab. If you require immediate detox and rehab assistance, our Costa Mesa rehab is the ideal starting point.

Why professional rehab is necessary for recovery from addiction

Substance addiction is a volatile disorder, inflicting a variety of physical and psychological side-effects. Many people avoid joining a rehab primarily due to shame and judgment from others. As a result, they will resort to self-detox, which is unreliable and dangerous.

Joining a professional rehabilitation program is necessary to prevent miss-medication and ensure safe and smooth recovery. Some of the benefits of joining our rehabilitation treatment include:

  • Ensuring structured recovery – The treatment consists of several rehab phases, including clinical evaluation, detox, dual diagnosis support, faith-based treatment, residential care, and aftercare planning. These programs aim to dismantle addiction brick by brick and help patients rebuild their lives over the years. It is an effective and reliable system that delivers consistent results with all of our patients.
  • Ensuring your safety – Self-treatments will put you at risk of overdosing and relapse, along with a variety of health complications. At our center, we place patients in a safe environment where a team of professionals will provide 24/7 clinical assistance. The goal is to reduce the withdrawal’s effects and prevent any issues arriving during detox and rehab.
  • Minimizing distractions – Our residential Costa Mesa rehab will keep you safe from unwanted distractions and triggers. This will minimize the risk of relapse, allowing you to focus on recovery and healing with minimal interference.
  • Teaching sobriety and relapse prevention – Most patients who resort to self-treatments relapse soon, even despite gaining some modest success. That doesn’t happen during our residential program. Patients have no access to drugs, alcohol, or other substances that could trigger the relapse. Our rehab experts also teach relapse prevention and sobriety management so that you can remain healthy and clean post-rehab.

How to sign in to rehab?

If you’ve decided to begin your rehab journey today, the process is simple. There are several steps to undertake to prepare for rehab:

  • Understand that rehab is your only chance to achieve sobriety and turn your life around
  • Tie any loose ends at work, discuss with your employer, and have other co-workers take over your tasks
  • Pay your bills and make arrangements for family or friends to pay them until you return
  • If you have someone in your care, whether child or adult, arrange for someone to take over the task
  • Contact our rehab professionals and provide them with all the information necessary
  • Pack the essentials (we will let you know what you can and can’t bring)

After doing all this, you will arrive at our center for clinical evaluation and detox, and the treatment will begin.

Our Costa Mesa rehab is key for combating addiction effectively, safely, and comfortably. If you’re set to begin your transformative journey today, contact Dana Point Rehab Campus and make an appointment. You can verify your rehab insurance online or speak to a rehab expert directly.

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