Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers California

Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers California

Welcome to Dana Point Rehab Campus, the place which will mark a turning point in your life! It is here, at our alcohol and drug treatment centers in California, where you will finally regain your freedom from addiction.

What causes addiction?

The substances that you’re using will disrupt your brain’s chemical pattern and trigger the biological reward mechanisms with dire consequences in the long run. Both drugs and alcohol influence the functioning of the neurotransmitters, causing them to release abnormal amounts of dopamine in your system. You will soon experience a general state of “good,” as the substance invades your nervous system and tricks the brain into accepting the experience as a positive one.

Our brains are biologically wired to seek pleasurable experiences, which is why it will soon force you to repeat the experience. Before you know it, you will have already fallen victim to addiction, with little-to-no control over your thoughts, emotions, or will. That is the moment you realize you need urgent help.

Is addiction a disease or a choice?

Substance addiction is a disease, whether it’s drug addiction or alcoholism. It is progressive, and it can become fatal in the more advanced stages. While death is an ominous prospect, it should only be one of your concerns. As the disease progresses, it will slowly affect those around you as well. Your financial problems will deepen, and your loved ones will suffer alongside you.

Since addiction is a disease, you shouldn’t treat it lightly. We advise people against resorting to self-medication as a means to overcome their condition. Our alcohol and drug treatment centers in California represent a better alternative. Here, you will participate in advanced rehab programs designed to not only restore your freedom but repair your life as a whole as well.

What happens in rehab?

The rehabilitation treatment consists of several stages:

  • Preliminary investigation – Our experts will perform a detailed investigation, gathering vital data about your clinical status.
  • Detox and stabilization – With all the necessary information in hand, our clinicians will perform targeted detox, to cleanse and stabilize your system.
  • Therapy and counseling – You will undergo therapeutic programs, designed to rewire your mental state, heal emotional traumas, and revive your spirit.
  • Lifestyle improvements – Everything will go to the next level, including your diet, physical activity, and your relationship with yourself and others around you.
  • Education and relapse prevention – Learning about avoiding social triggers and improving your life in all aspects.

What is recovery from addiction?

We believe that the process of recovery is a personal life experience. It is different for everyone because addiction affects people differently. At our alcohol and drug treatment centers in California, you will rediscover yourself as you would never have thought possible.

Here, we help people like you defeat their demons and regain control over their lives. No one should have to face the horrors of addiction, which is why we have created the ideal rehab treatment. Dana Point Rehab Campus will mark the first moment of your new life!

Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers California
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Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers California
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Alcohol Drug Treatment Centers California

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