Alcohol Detox Orange County

Alcohol Detox Orange County

Alcohol has been part of world culture and consuming moderate amounts can be enjoyable. However, heavy drinking causes a variety of risks that would eventually lead to addiction. Though small amounts of alcohol have been said to be beneficial to your overall health, taking more than what you can handle is equally dangerous. Dealing with alcohol addiction can be challenging and convincing people to drop the bottle may be difficult to achieve. This is mainly because alcohol affects the pleasure sensors in our brains which lead to physical dependence, alcohol abuse, and the eventual addiction.

If you find yourself in a situation where alcohol seems to take a toll on your health and your behavior, then it is time for you to consult professionals or get into programs for alcohol detox in Orange County.

How alcohol is metabolized in the body and way too much leads to diseases

Consuming too much alcohol leads to liver diseases which aggravate as the addiction continues. Your liver is responsible for breaking down glucose and turning it into fat. Fat is essential to our body and has to be distributed where it is needed most. Alcohol interrupts the process and metabolizes into acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a toxic by-product of alcohol and is also considered as a carcinogen. Too much alcohol in the bloodstream causes fat to build up in the liver. Fatty liver leads to liver diseases and as a consequence could cause multiple organ failure.

High intake of alcohol doesn’t only stop at the liver. Since alcohol increases body heat, over-consumption of alcohol can cause pancreatic inflammation. Inflammation in the pancreas can be fatal. Enzymes exposed to acetaldehyde create chemical activity resulting in severe bodily reactions and inflammation. Over consumption of alcohol can also cause stomach ulcers, heartburn, and gastritis. It affects your digestive system and intervenes with the gastric acid excretions. 

Heavy drinkers are also prone to a myriad of sickness because alcohol in the bloodstream drops white blood cell count. Increasing alcohol intake suppresses white blood cell production and weakens your immune system. Pneumonia, tuberculosis, HIV, and other similar ailments can easily infect your body due to the weakened immune system.

Alcohol Causes Accidents Too

Alcohol detox in Orange County is the only way to get out of the hands of your alcohol dependence. Treatment programs that enable you to form a concrete barrier against temptations will help you get long-lasting sobriety. Alcohol rehab is the only way to prevent having relapses which often can be much harder to defeat.

And aside from the towering diseases, there are other ways alcohol can get the best of you. If sickness doesn’t kill, then drunk driving can be your ultimate demise. Accidents caused by DIU top the chart as the 4th leading cause of death among people in America. Alcohol affects your cognitive process, causes visual impairment, and interferes with your judgment.

If you need help to sober up for life, can call Dana Point Rehab Campus at 1-877-349-2391 so we can get started immediately!

Alcohol Detox Orange County
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Alcohol Detox Orange County

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