Drug Rehab Newport Beach

Drug Rehab Newport Beach

According to the records of the Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, only 2.3 million people suffering from substance use disorder received treatment in a specialty facility. This number only represents 11% of the 21.7 million substance abusers aged 12 and above who needed addiction treatment.

The statistics are alarming considering that addiction is a chronic disease; thus, it is almost impossible for a drug-addicted individual to recover without appropriate treatment interventions. To receive the most suitable treatment, however, one needs to find a reputable drug rehab in Newport Beach or other areas in the United States like ours at Dana Point Rehab Campus.

If you are suffering from substance use disorder and trying to find a treatment facility to help you get your life back, here are the components of an effective drug rehab that you need to look for:

Individualized Treatment

One of the principles of effective treatment stresses that there is no single treatment appropriate for everyone. Every addiction story is unique, and every recovering addict needs a treatment plan that is customized to meet his or her specific recovery requirements. We, at Dana Point Rehab Campus, boast of providing customized rehabilitation plan for each of our clients since we want to help them fight addiction while at the same time addressing their other recovery needs.

Long-Term Term Program

Beware of rehab centers that promise to help you win the battle against addiction in a very short time. A highly experienced drug rehab in Newport Beach and elsewhere offers long-term treatment and not just a quick fix. Results of research studies revealed that long-term residential substance abuse treatment has high success rates which are not surprising considering the nature of addiction.

Recovery Solutions for Co-Occurring Disorders

Records show that from the 17.5 million American adults with serious mental health disorders, about 4 million of them also struggled with co-occurring drug and alcohol use disorder. Considering these numbers, it is evident that drug-addicted individuals seeking treatment need a rehab facility that also assesses and treats co-occurring disorders.

An ordinary rehab center that focuses on addiction alone wouldn’t know if the client needs treatment for dual-diagnosis because they don’t consider this condition at the onset. To ensure that you will be assessed for both drug use and co-occurring disorder, you need a treatment facility that addresses both issues.


Many people think that the location and environment of the addiction center are irrelevant but studies on the impact of the environment on the well-being of patients in recovery show otherwise. Recovering addicts in a treatment facility located in a beautiful and relaxed setting do not only recover, but they tend to stay in treatment until the end.

You can find all the crucial elements of a treatment facility describe above at Dana Point Rehab Campus. From the treatment environment and evidence-based treatment approaches to a highly-skilled team of treatment specialists and strong after-care support, we are the residential treatment facility that you need to win your battle against addiction. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our drug rehab in Newport Beach and other locations.

Drug Rehab Newport Beach
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Drug Rehab Newport Beach
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Drug Rehab Newport Beach

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