Alcohol Rehab California

Alcohol Rehab California

There are many reasons why people drink alcohol. It can be due to depression, financial problems, and relationship issues etc. Whatever the reason may be, alcohol abuse is not healthy and may cause life-threatening effects. For some, rehabilitation can be the best option to overcome this issue. If you happen to be living in California, and you are looking for a rehab program, Dana Point Rehab Campus can help you.

We provide top-notch alcohol rehab in California. Our treatment programs offer high-quality care facilitated by our reliable rehabilitation treatment professionals.  We also provide individualized treatment in a comfortable and relaxing facility. We are proud of our amenities, healthy dining and professional staff and therapists that can assist you towards rehabilitation and sobriety.

Types of Alcohol Rehabilitation in California- Treatments Available

The first step toward rehabilitation is acknowledging that you have a problem. If you can do this and accept help, almost half the battle is won. The person’s willingness to undergo treatment goes a long way in achieving sobriety.

Once you have decided to undergo treatment, a medical professional will assess you, take your history and examine you physically. You may also have to undergo various laboratory tests which are necessary for diagnosis and identifying the severity of addiction. After this is done, they will recommend treatment options.

The beginning of the treatment program is detox. In this stage, the person with alcohol addiction will be assisted in adequately managing their withdrawal symptoms. They are provided a safe way to handle the symptoms and monitored treatment to successfully cleanse their body from the harmful substances. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal can be life-threatening and may be difficult to manage without the assistance of a doctor. Clients are provided not only physical care but also emotional support.

Another treatment program is Inpatient Treatment. This type of treatment is best for recovering individuals who need to be continuously monitored or those who have to move away from their environment to focus on their rehab entirely. This gives 24 hours monitoring assistance for clients. This also allows the client to meet other people with the same issues and build friendship and support within the facility.

Aside from Inpatient, there is also an Outpatient Program. This treatment program is best for those who want to undergo treatment and still want to continue with their responsibilities such as school and work. This allows the client to function normally within their environment and relate with their peers, family and loved ones while undergoing treatment.

Continuity of Care

For those who completed the program, it is essential to continue with their follow-up check-up and counseling. This will ensure continuity of care and prevent relapse. By regular follow up sessions, the therapist or medical professional can assess the patient and identify whether the patient has relapsed. If this happens, they can give immediate medical management to the client.

Rehabilitation may be a long process. It requires a lot of patience and persistence. With the right alcohol rehab in California and the support of your family, sobriety is possible. 

Alcohol Rehab California
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Alcohol Rehab California
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Alcohol Rehab California

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