Executive Addiction Treatment Programs

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Addiction can affect anyone regardless of background or economic status — including business executives who juggle important work responsibilities alongside their substance use disorders. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an estimated 5.2 million US adults ages 26 and older with high income misused opioids in 2017, which represented 3.6% of that specific population.

Dana Point Rehab Campus offers upscale, private, evidence-based drug and alcohol rehab programs for executives who want to maintain their professional lives as they recover from addiction.

Many executives who suffer from addiction often delay or avoid treatment so they can continue managing their careers without taking time off to become healthier and achieve abstinence. However, executives who fail to seek addiction treatment when needed will often face more serious problems down the road such as worsened health, strained business relationships, and a compromised reputation.

How Is Drug Rehab for Executives Different From Other Rehab Programs?

Drug rehab programs for executives are designed to provide these individuals with the tools, services, and amenities they need to maintain their active professional and personal lives while recovering from drug and alcohol use disorders. These programs are usually offered in a luxurious, relaxing setting where business professionals can continue working at optimal levels without distractions. Executives who visit Dana Point Rehab Campus gain access to private rooms with quality, comfortable furnishings, healthy meals prepared by a gourmet chef, computers with Internet access, and much more.

Which Addiction Treatments Are Available for Executives?

Each executive who visits Dana Point Rehab Campus for addiction treatment receives their own individualized treatment plan. Treatment plans are customized for executives based on factors such as addiction type, overall health, and professional business needs. For instance, therapy sessions and other therapeutic activities may be scheduled around daily business conference calls. Matching treatment settings and services to a patient’s unique needs is critical to that person’s success in returning to productive functioning in the workplace after overcoming addiction, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Dana Point Rehab Campus offers evidence-based treatments proven successful at helping patients achieve long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol following their treatment programs. Drug detox, alcohol detox, individual and group therapy, and peer support groups are some of the many evidence-based therapies available for executives at Dana Point Rehab Campus. Together, these treatments help executives safely and comfortably withdraw from drugs and alcohol, and teach them unique, invaluable skills surrounding how to effectively manage stress and their businesses without turning to drugs and alcohol for relief.

What Amenities Are Provided for Executives?

The luxurious amenities provided for executives at Dana Point Rehab Campus rival those of a reputable hotel or day spa. Our treatment center is located just minutes away from the beach and offers a spectacular view of the Pacific ocean and horizon. Amenities provided at our drug rehab campus include:

  • Optional Private bedrooms
  • Private conference rooms with Internet and phone access
  • Comfortable furnishings
  • Many Amenities and swimming pool
  • Healthy gourmet meals
  • Outdoor recreational areas

We also offer extra amenities available by request. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to rebuild your health and livelihood, and to maintain your important business responsibilities as you make your way through recovery.

How Is Confidentiality Handled at Dana Point Rehab Campus?

Our treatment environment at Dana Point Rehab Campus offers seclusion, discretion, and privacy for executives who wish to maintain their anonymity while in recovery. We value your reputation and privacy, and understand why you and other patients strive for discretion. Additionally, comprehensive federal laws strictly protect the confidentiality of patients who receive treatment at any of our facilities. Your medical records and identity will never be disclosed without your prior consent and written authorization.

If you are an executive or business professional who needs help fighting addiction, Dana Point Rehab Campus offers the privacy, amenities, and evidence-based services you need to achieve long-term recovery. Contact us today at 949.569.7517 to begin the admissions process or to learn more about our executive drug and alcohol rehab programs.